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Art of Conquest is among the newer program games to arrive for Android devices and iOS, and in case you are not really a fan of readily mastering war mechanics to defeat AI controlled enemies, this particular game is most likely for you. It's, like games that are many in the RPG genre nowadays, an MMORPG, and the primary selling point of the game, rather naturally, could be the real time fights against human players, might they be the friends of yours, or maybe random players from around the planet. You are able to summon dozens of mythical heroes, build the army of yours coming from a decision of 5 races, along with command a huge selection of soldiers as all plays out before you, once more, only in real time. And simply because you are able to expect from an MMO title, there is a great deal of foundation control required here, and also raiding of (human controlled) enemy bases.

That is virtually it because of the game's overview, which ought to provide you with a simple idea of what you should look ahead to. But how about truly doing well in this particular game and also vanquishing the enemy much better than other players may? We aspire to cover that much ground as you possibly can, as we today take you a total Art of Conquest supreme guidebook as well as talk you through every critical facet of this new MMORPG name. So when we say every essential requirement, we really mean it.


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1. Which Hero In the event you Begin with?

When participating in Art of Conquest for at first chance, you'll be requested to select from one of 3 "stock" heroes - Rufio, Avril, or Avalon. As you might surmise, every one of these 3 starters have their certain weaknesses and strengths, and also it is crucial you select the best one, whether or not the various other 2 might probably be offered to uncover at a later stage in the game. It'll all be determined by your preferred play style, but let us initially present you with the inventory heroes so you understand what you should expect.

Avalon is dubbed as the "Last Hope of Silverwing," as well as the abilities of his are created to help archers. He's a "Focus Fire" ability that is effective against employers, but even more important, he's the "Natural Leader" ability, and this allows you to place additional devices on the battlefield; this's usually useful for the newbies out there! Furthermore, Avalon could boost the Supply Cap (aka the troop capacity) of yours for Gold units, Silver, and Bronze alike. The Capture Resources power is additionally great for newbies, as it enables you to regain extra materials after a fight. As Stamina and Power may be scarce in the beginning, this might be beneficial in case you are a newcomer. Overall, he is an assistance hero, but a very helpful 1 across the board.

Avril, aka the "Ice Mage," focuses on DPS (damage per ) that is second as well as crowd management. When you are up against an enemy with increased energy, she is simply the hero you need as your starter. But there is a trap to picking Avril as your starter, as the abilities of her will use up a great deal of Mana. As for the best abilities of her, Blizzard functions by freezing enemy soldiers, while Ice Wall might avoid opponents from crossing over to the side of yours of the battlefield, as it divides the area into 2. Apply Avril in case the opposing player has a considerably more powerful army than yours.

Finally, Rufio is advertised as the "Golden Stallion," and in case you have received him entirely leveled up, he might do as many as 3 times more harm than typical. He is an AOE (Area of Effect) hero type, with abilities like Chopping Blade which help him install this particular billing. Use this particular ability in relation to the Heroic Leap of yours and also you are able to deal out a load of AOE harm to enemy troops with weak preventive statistics. Capabilities as Resilience establish him as a tank type character (albeit one that does considerably a bit more harm compared to the common tank), and knowing that, Heroic Leap may be utilized after the enemy back line is properly inside of the range of yours. That is likely to cost you a great deal of Ability Points, but in case you are positive in the skills of yours in the beginning, there is simply no stopping you with him as the initial hero of yours.

2. When to Use Every one of The Starters

Essentially, you are able to think about Avalon being an all rounder who are able to be dispatched at every phase of the game, including boss fights. (Especially during boss fights, may we add!) As we told you Avril is ideal as a crowd control hero, you'll be able to remove a few rough enemy armies in the beginning when working with her. Rufio, on the opposite hand, is ideal as an end game hero, due to the DPS of his as well as tank abilities.

3. Observe the Tutorial Segment

Clearly, you will not be to start everything cold, without any assistance at all from the game; there's a tutorial segment of Art of Conquest. But in order to provide you with a concept of exactly how things work, you will find 6 kingdoms in the game, each one with the borders of theirs, and these borders will go around during the entire course of the game. Cities is taken over after fights, though you will not notice all of that going on out of the get go, as you will just begin with a tiny part of the map noticeable for you.

As for the tutorial, you'll be offered a couple of super easy fights, the place that the game will direct you along and also spoon feed you every aspect you have to accomplish. That is in order that you can find out the way the fighting mechanic works in here. Even when these tutorial battles are gimmes, you will still wish to search through issues smartly, and also use the devices you are able to permit having beaten by the game's AI. You'll quickly have the capacity to build the own stronghold of yours, in which you are able to keep the resources of yours and train new troops.

4. Collecting Resources

It is effortless to find Wood, Mana, and Gold anywhere on the chart, and also you are able to gather all of these materials at any moment, as well as produce it by the castle of yours. These're the basic resources of yours, and therefore are generally used to upgrade the buildings of yours and learn more sophisticated tech. Additionally, there are several much more seasoned, unusual online resources, specifically Blood Diamonds, Crystal, plus Mithril. These cannot be manufactured in the Castle of yours, though you can collect them nevertheless by taking a look at the map of yours. You are able to likewise acquire much more of these exceptional sources by raiding other players' castles, and by opening chests. Pick up unusual energy the second you notice them show up on the map of yours, and also ensure you are leveling up the warehouse of yours; there is generally a possibility the resources of yours will likely be plundered by the opponents of yours, and upgrading the factory enables you to protect a lot more information.

5. Other Strategies for Rare Resources

When attempting to make unusual online resources, you might need to be patient, because it can take some time so that you can browse the map for such great things. But separate from plundering as well as opening chests, you are able to additionally intercept resource shipments. Finally, you are able to in addition hold back until the shop products refresh, and purchase several rare items with the in-game currency of yours. Be aware, however, you are in competition with a lot of, several other players from across the planet, and knowing that, rare resources might sell out fairly quickly when purchased in the shop.

6. How In order to Upgrade Abilities Smartly

With regards to upgrading your heroes' capabilities, you will find things that are certain to remember. You have got Ability Points to invest, and you need to initially invest them toward the default skill. Then, start working on the assistance skill, then the management skill. If perhaps you've an ability that is much more for DPS applications, you are able to set that aside as final in the priority list of yours. Don't invest all the points of yours on the active power, because as you need to probably understand from participating in RPGs, it is ordinarily the passive people that matter even more in the conclusion of the morning. Intelligent distribution of Ability Points is required in case you would like to obtain- Positive Many Meanings - the best from all of the heroes of yours.

7. Recall the Elements (And A lot more Than the Elements)

There's an elemental mechanic of sorts at the office in Art of Conquest. In order to set it in simpler terms, devices might be serious against another unit type, but weak against a final type. Archers beat Spearmen, Spearmen beat Cavalry, Cavalry beats Infantry, Infantry beats Archers - sounds rather basic, does not it? But there is far more to that when discussing having a benefit in terminology of units.

There are several products which have just a few soldiers with higher DPS for every one of them, as well as devices which have just one AOE specific soldier of the ranks. Furthermore, one can find models which have a great deal of soldiers, and it is these products which are generally strong against DPS centric devices. DPS-centric devices, on the opposite hand, are strong against AOE devices, while AOE devices overcome the sturdiness of figures, just due to what AOE is short for, that is Area of Effect.

There is all the more to remember, although! You have to to remember wear low level devices up front, as these squishy devices could effortlessly be healed in the hospital; it is generally the front liners that get killed or even injured earlier than the others. And be certain you are gathering materials at all times, and also in order to examine the map so that you are able to collect much more of these materials; the chart, we must also include, broadens the scope of its as you level up, as much more of it becomes available for you.

8. Stick To just one Kind of Tech

Let us now start working on the kind of devices you are able to contribute to the army of yours - as we pointed out in Art of Conquest's introduction, you can find many choices that you can select from when creating your army. But really, the best option of yours would generally be focusing on a single technology type by itself when it comes to the units of yours. It boils down to that RPG mechanic wherein sticking to something tried as well as accurate is ordinarily the very best call. We'd recommend man archers, Lich mages, and also Dwarves for the tanks of yours and riflemen - all of it will depend on the chosen race of yours.

As a bonus suggestion, changing races will not have some bearing on developing amounts, though you are going to lose all improvement on device technologies. Ensure you are decided when deciding on races in this particular game, since it is gon na be really expensive to change the moment you are at a later stage and presumably rather achieved.

9. All about Honor

Art of Conquest enables you to upgrade the racial ability of yours, and there is just one resource that would get the job done in this specific area - Honor. You are able to further put it to use to construct brand new structures particular to the chosen race of yours, and also put it to use to change race. (Remember what we warned you about in the earlier tip, though!) Likewise, Honor is able to enable you to recruit brand new equipment on the fold. But aside from the warning in the above mentioned tip, keep in mind that the price of changing racing will steadily go much higher consistent with your castle's level, that is yet another motive to follow exactly the same race, and choose well.

Just how can you receive additional Honor? In many cases, you are able to grab Honor by intercepting enemy source shipments, and killing all those AI controlled wild wildlife. You are able to likewise have your troops defend the city walls of the allies of yours, that can enable you to add to this particular type of currency.

10. When Must you Move The Capital of yours?

You've the choice to move the capital of yours from its initial place to a brand new territory, and the advantages of doing this will include significantly increasing the resource income of yours. In the beginning in the game, nonetheless, you will not have defense that is much through the city walls of yours, and that is going making you major game for enemy raids, particularly since additionally you will not have a lot of a garrison to speak of. That means you must hold back until the city walls of yours are at a particular level before moving to an alternative location - we normally recommend waiting until they are for level four or even higher. It pays to delay anyway, as the headquarters of yours cannot be assaulted so long as it is still in the kingdom's capital.

If the moment ultimately comes so that you can move the capital of yours, you need to additionally be leveling up the warehouse of yours, so that as we explained earlier, that enables you to protect much more of the resources of yours. And as a bonus suggestion, there is additionally a safety feature, exactly where the HQ of yours may be placed under a defensive bell, avoiding enemies from raiding plus looting the resources of yours for a good 8 hours. In case you guessed it is better to make use of this feature before proceeding to sleep for the evening, then you most definitely could be correct.

11. Be cautious When Robbing Someone else's Resource Shipments

We pointed out it in passing above, but Art of Conquest does let you take, or perhaps intercept source shipments. This may be quite risky, as there is a pretty good possibility both sides in the fight is going to take a great deal of harm. As a result, be very, careful before intercepting shipments, and also make sure you are settled upon doing this!

Conversely, you need to get ready also for all those times if the enemy may select to intercept The shipments of yours. Whenever you are heading to lumber other resource points and mills to gather stuff, there is a possibility the enemy might wish to intercept the transport wagons of yours, which would suggest having some troops guarding the resources of yours to make sure that they return to the castle of yours untouched.

12. This's An MMO Game, So Use The Social Features

We most likely don't have going into detail with this particular tip, though we will do this in any situation. Art of Conquest is an MMORPG with a strong public component, which would involve you to completely use the interpersonal features. That could mean working together with everybody in the kingdom of yours, and also forming strategic alliances that will help you take down some other players in some other cities. Do not hesitate to request assistance in case the castle of yours is under attack, of course, if someone else requires the assistance of yours, now return the favor and step approximately the job. Remember that you are all a part of the same Kingdom, and if you receive more work and resources together as a staff, you can just become stronger.

13. You can even Borrow Troops From Other Players In The Kingdom of yours

Apart from the teamwork part of getting in similar kingdom/guild, you are able to additionally enjoy the same advantages you are able to look to acquire from these kinds of capabilities in some other RPGs. For instance, you are able to borrow troops, who'll be instantly available that you can make use of in battle. But these soldiers might be called to the home castle of theirs at any time; make the the majority of them while you've them on loan, because you won't ever understand when they will receive called back!

14. When Can PvP Battles Occur In Real Time?

You will be asking yourself about this particular element of Art of Conquest - when precisely are you able to plan to interact with a human opponent of PvP fight? It is oftentimes as easy as running into another person from another kingdom; you will subsequently be provided with the option of whether to overcome them or not. As movement speed decelerates during PvP battles, you have received the luxury of your time to micro manage the actions of yours and make certain you are performing the proper things in the proper time. PvP battles might also occur in case an opposing player tries to take the resources of yours while at a source point.

15. Do not Have Way too many Low Level Units At Any Time

Low-level devices might be the people you supply on the enemy if you have them in the frontline, though additionally you would not wish to get way too a lot of them at any time of the game. Once again, they are the finest to compromise to enemy troops, though you are able to additionally heal them in the medical facility without having to hold out for long. This's particularly crucial during the early areas of the game, if you will not have way too many devices, moreover not overly much Gold, Wood, or maybe Mana either; you cannot pay for to shed way too many troops in the battlefield! Never fail to make certain you are gathering methods from lumber mills, mines, along with additional aid points, and also while there is a cool down time, be conscious of that great down time so that you are able to gather once more with very little to no wasted time.

16. Arrange Your Troops According to The Range of theirs

When assembling the troops of yours for battle, we did mention just how crucial it's having adequate forward liners as fodder for "sacrifice." Though you ought to additionally attempt to help keep them present as long as possible; DPS centric troops do a great deal of damage per second (obviously), but are generally poor on defense or even pricey. Keep each unit's range in mind when arranging the troops of yours, as that might enable you to improve your DPS. For a fundamental example, this will suggest NOT putting the infantry in the archers or the back up front - which just does not seem sensible. And, as being a bonus suggestion (this guidebook is certain full of them), make use of your heroes' capabilities wisely, without at random or perhaps in a "spamming" manner. As the saying goes, there is got to become a technique to the madness!

17. Just how Does Rushing Units Work?

It's likely to hurry the generation of devices, in order to provide you with a fast solution and improve your army's amounts without having to hold out for long. Devices which may be manufactured in under twenty seconds may be rushed without forking over a dollar of in-game currency; just click a product, then click Rush therefore production is completed instantly. But in case you are attempting to mass rush twelve models instantly, it is going to cost you; remember this in case you are attempting to hurry several devices in the identical period!

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